Is the Jewish Summer Fellowship the right program for me?
If you are interested in learning Torah, this is the place for you! The Jewish Summer Fellowship is a place where like-minded students from around the world can come for a 40-day immersion into Jewish knowledge and culture. It is a chance for a hands-on living experience and delving into the depths of our religion on a range of topics. The Jewish Summer Fellowship fosters an environment of possibility and growth. It provides a place to ask questions to friends, mentors and others on a similar journey.
What will I gain by coming to the Jewish Summer Fellowship? In what ways will I grow and accomplish?
If you are new to the Torah journey, or are already on your way the Jewish Summer Fellowship will help you grow in your knowledge and leadership. Our faculty are scholars in many different areas of Torah from Talmud to Jewish Mysticism, and Jewish Law. From the ancient to the modern time. Our scholars are experts at bringing Torah to life on whatever level you may currently find yourself on.
Do I qualify to attend the Jewish Summer Fellowship? Can I still attend if I don't qualify?
If you are a Jewish college student with limited or no formal Jewish education, have a desire to study Torah and learn more about your heritage, this program was designed with you in mind.
If you do not meet these qualifications, and are still looking to join the JSF, please reach out to us directly as we have limited slots to accept students who only meet some of our qualifications.
What is the cost of the Jewish Summer Fellowship? Do you offer any scholarships?
Jewish Summer Fellowship is a 40-day immersive program that costs $6,000 per student. We offer a few different scholarships, depending on a student’s qualifications. All qualifying students who commit for our full 40-day program will receive one of our full-scholarship options.
Please fill out our application form to get started and a member of our staff will reach out to you in 2-3 business days to let you know your qualification status.
*Cost/scholarship covers food, board, classes and all extra-curricular activities.
What is my commitment to My Jewish Summer Fellowship?
In order to be accepted as a qualified student (and receive full-scholarship). A student must attend the Jewish Summer Fellowship for the full 40-day immersive experience. Students will be expected to attend all classes, prayers, meals, extra-curricular activities, complete a required reading, presentation project, and final paper.
*If you are unable to commit to these guidelines, you may still be eligible to join the program, and even receive part-scholarship.
What is the registration process to attend the My Jewish Summer Fellowship?
Step 1: Fill out our online application form HERE.

Step 2: A member of our staff will reach out to you within 2-3 business days to set-up a short phone interview and to follow-up on you application.

Step 3: You will receive our commitment pledge package for you to sign and send back along with a $250 deposit. This deposit is fully refundable upon successful completion the program.

Where are you located?

Our women’s campus is located at 254 Lucas Avenue in Kingston, NY (bus stop in Kingston, NY).
Our men’s campus is located at 689 Route 55 in Napanoch, NY (us stop in Ellenville, NY).
There is on site parking at both campuses, should a student be bringing their own vehicle.

*For help covering travel expense cost, you may try applying for the ChabadOnCampus Study Away grant HERE.

I am hesitant about coming to the Jewish Summer Fellowship, is there someone I can talk to who has come to your program in the past?

Absolutely! Please reach out to us by phone or e-mail for a list of previous students, staff members, and mentors. Also take a look at some of our testimonials. We are happy to discuss any hesitations you might have to help see if My Jewish Summer Fellowship is the right fit for you.